Tap Water vs Bottled Water

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Some people say that it is better to drink tap water instead of Bottled Water. In most cases tap water does not harm you but there are many unpredictable factors to consider. Most importantly the delivery method of Tap water that has the potential for pollution entering your water. The water delivery pipes that bring the water from the treatment plant to your home are playing a big factor for the potential for polluting your water. From the treatment plant, the water often flows through many kilometers of pipes, that are made of different materials and some of these pipes could be many years old. Once the water arrives in your house or apartment complex, it is usually pumped to the roof through pipes in the apartment complex and then sits on the roof in big steel tanks that are backed by the sun until the water finally comes out of your tap. If any of these pipes are cracked or not regularly cleaned, there is a pig potential that you do not receive the water as clean as it left the treatment plant. In addition, there could be a construction going on somewhere on the way and pipes could have been damaged. If you do not test your drinking and cooking water before each use, you can never be sure that you consume pure water.