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Happywater offers German Quality that is proudly made in Malaysia

Welcome to HappyWater Sdn. Bhd. – Your Trusted German-Malaysian Partner for Premium Water Solutions!

Established in July 2005 as a partnership between Germany and Malaysia, HappyWater has emerged as a premier water delivery service in Kuala Lumpur. Throughout the years, we have earned the reputation of being a leader in providing superior water products and services to both residential and commercial customers across the vibrant Klang Valley area.

Our unwavering mission is to deliver products and services that embody German quality and punctuality while maintaining fairness in our pricing. At HappyWater, we believe that everyone deserves access to clean and refreshing water, and we take pride in fulfilling this essential need for our valued customers.

Our comprehensive range of water products, including our esteemed HappyWater premium brand, sets us apart. Additionally, we offer customizable OEM services, catering to cup-size orders of up to 20-litre bottles. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond water delivery, as we supply top-of-the-line water dispensers, efficient water filter systems, and a variety of essential accessories, such as drinking cups and more.

We are not just a water delivery company but pioneers of convenience and environmental responsibility. Our efficient delivery process ensures that your water, beverages, appliances, and accessories reach your doorstep or business premises with the utmost speed and care. Moreover, in our endeavour to promote sustainability, we offer cutting-edge in-home filter systems that produce clean water on demand, utilizing HappyWater’s advanced filter technology. These eco-friendly systems can be easily rented or purchased outright, making clean water accessible to all.

At HappyWater, we thrive on our extensive knowledge and experience in the water delivery and dispenser rental industry. Rest assured, each customer receives nothing less than first-class service, regardless of the scale of their requirements. Our dedicated team is poised to cater to your unique needs, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with every interaction.

Join the countless satisfied customers who have made HappyWater their trusted source for premium water solutions. Experience the difference of German quality, the convenience of prompt deliveries, and the assurance of unparalleled customer service. No matter the size of your order, HappyWater is here to serve you with utmost care and dedication.

Choose HappyWater – Your Gateway to Hydration Happiness!

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