Why HappyWater?

There are probably many companies that will offer a cheaper service just to get your business.
We all know, from painful experience that this usually results in compromising both quality of products and service levels.

Benefits & Services

Fast and Reliable delivery, experience HappyWater

HappyWater is offering a first class service at a rate that allows us to ensure a quality product and the service you expect from a premium company.

  • We will never compromise our standards and professionalism in our service.
  • We will not subject our customers to impersonal call centres.
  • We guarantee a person at the end of the phone who will always deal with any queries you may have.
  • We offer 48 hour cover should there be a fault with your water dispensers – we do aim to get to you even sooner
  • Our contracts are simple with no hidden clauses.
  • Our local office and delivery staff are dedicated to provide the best service

For our health, doctors recommend drinking 8 full glasses of water a day. Ensure your body gets replenished with clean filtered water that flushes out unwanted minerals and toxins. Water should not be your source of minerals, your minerals should come from your food, water is there to flush out the unwanted mineral and toxins that are deposited in your kidney.

HappyWater is always aiming to give a personalised and prompt service to ensure all customers are Happy!
Please call for more information or to setup a appointment with one of our sales representatives.