Water Delivery to Home and Office

Wherever you require clean water to drink or cook, HappyWater is the trusted water source that gives you the peace of mind that you consume pollution free premium water.

You determine the frequency of deliveries.

Our Drinking Water delivery is customised to your needs to ensure you get your premium water as fast as possible. HappyWater is supplying your drinking water without any forced schedules, simply order your water when you need and get it delivered in most cases within 24 hours. If you decide that you need more water, you can at any time increase your order by adding some extra bottles.

Various Delivery Sizes

Our big bottles come in industry-standard 5-Gallon bottles (approximately 18.9 liter) size and fit perfect in the HappyWater Dispenser systems. In addition, we do offer 3-gallon bottles (approximately 11.3 liter) that are easier to lift. You can also order our single serve bottles that are available in several sizes, including cup size, 500ml and 1.5 liter. You can even order soft drinks with us, and we deliver it together with your water.

No-Spill System

To complement the convenience, we use our Spill-proof Systems in HappyWater dispensers. In addition, our bottles have a tamper proof sealed and spill-proof lid. The spill-proof bottle is automatically opened by placing in onto the HappyWater Dispenser and fits snugly onto the water dispensers anti-leak valve.

Event Delivery

HappyWater is specialized to deliver water for your events, trade shows or conferences. We deliver water to your exhibitors and to your event administration even with short-term notice. From short-term Water Dispenser rental to water delivery in many sizes, HappyWater has all your water needs covered. There are many available programs that suits any event or needs. Just contact us for your no-obligation quotation.

Reliable Water Delivery and Water Dispenser rental for your office or business in Kuala Lumpur
Reliable Water Delivery and Water Dispenser rental for your home in Kuala Lumpur

Our friendly HappyWater team provides a punctual customised service, with the focus on quality and reliability. HappyWater is delivering quality drinking water to your door fast and on time.

Take the hassle-free option and have premium water delivered to you.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and get a no obligation quotation today!
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