HappyWater Suzie Hot & Cold Bottle Type Dispenser

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HappyWater Suzie Hot and Cold Water Dispenser switch every hydrating experience into a luxurious one. We assure our customers that every drinking water flows from HappyWater’s dispenser has the finest and premium quality drinking water.


1Bottle Supporter6Cooling ON/OFF Switch
2Indicator Light7Heating ON/OFF Switch
3Cold Water Tap8Power Cord
4Hot Water Tap9Drain Hole
5Water Collector 

Product Highlights :
1) Heating and Cooling Switches – Hot and cold-water switches positioned at the back of the water dispenser – red for the heating, and green for the cooling.
2) Thermostat – Controlling the flow of heat transfer inside the water tank restricts the water from overheating many times.
3) Icy Drinks – Built-in with compressor cooling systems that chill your water down to 5°C.
4) Heat/Cold LED Indicator – Indicates light when hot or cold water is at a suitable temperature for preparing any drinks.
5) “Flickeristic” Valve Opener – A flick of the dispenser outlet opener conveniently gives you a continuous flow of water.
6) Compact but Hot – Easy-to-move dispenser because of its featherweight and small-sized design, yet brings the hot drinks sensation for you.
7) Fits Standard Industrial Size – Suitable for 3 and 5 Gallons of Water.*

If you require any water delivered to your office or house, our HappyDelivery team gladly be at your service, please click here to place an order.

*3 Gallon = 11.3 Litre / 5 Gallon = 18.9 Litre

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions37 × 32 × 52 cm

Pure White



Hot Water Temperature


Hot Water Tank Capacity


Cold Water Temperature


Cold Water Tank Capacity


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