HappyWater Duotem Hot & Cold Bottle Type Dispenser

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HappyWater Duotem dispenser gives you instant access to fresh, pure cold and piping hot water. The attractive timeless styling of this Water Dispenser paired with great performance and features will fit perfectly in your home or office.

Out of stock


1 Bottle Supporter 6 Cooling ON/OFF Switch
2 Indicator Light 7 Heating ON/OFF Switch
3 Cold Water Tap 8 Power Cord
4 Hot Water Tap 9 Drain Hole
5 Water Collector  

Product Highlights :
1) Heating and Cooling Switches – Hot and cold-water switches positioned at the back of the water dispenser – red for the heating, and green for the cooling.
2) Thermostat – Controlling the flow of heat transfer inside the water tank restricts the water from overheating many times.
3) Icy Drinks – Built-in with compressor cooling systems that chill your water down to 5°C.
4) Heat/Cold LED Indicator – Indicates light when hot or cold water is at a suitable temperature for preparing any drinks.
5) “Flickeristic” Valve Opener – A flick of the dispenser outlet opener conveniently gives you a continuous flow of water.
6) Compact but Hot – Easy-to-move dispenser because of its featherweight and small-sized design, yet brings the hot drinks sensation for you.
7) Fits Standard Industrial Size – Suitable for 3 and 5 Gallons of Water.*

If you require any water delivered to your office or house, our HappyDelivery team gladly be at your service, please click here to place an order.

*3 Gallon = 11.3 Litre / 5 Gallon = 18.9 Litre

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 37 × 32 × 52 cm

Pure White



Hot Water Temperature


Hot Water Tank Capacity


Cold Water Temperature


Cold Water Tank Capacity


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