HappyWater Ailsa Hot & Warm Bottle Type Dispenser

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Compact and Hot, HappyWater dispenser now comes with hot and room temperature water that is ideal for making beverages or preparing your favourite instant noodles on a daily routine.


Water Storage BucketPower Switch
Indicator LampEscape Valve Turncap
Normal Water Outlet Valve(Blue)Fuselage
Hot Water Outlet Valve(Red)Power Cord
Water Receiving Tray

Product Highlights :

1) Thermostat – Controlling the flow of heat transfer inside the water tank restricts the water from overheating many times.
2) A Tank of Steel – Water tank made of full grade 304 stainless steel that is highly resistant towards stains, scratches, dents, and corrosion.
3) Water Collection Tray – Function as a collector for the excess drips of water and small overflows from the taps.
4) Instant Beverages – No more kettle, with Hot and Room temperature water dispenser, preparing beverages will be easy as counting 1-2-3!
5) Heat/Warm LED Indicator – Indicates light when the hot or room water is on the suitable temperature for preparing any drinks.
6) Fits Standard Bottle Size – Suitable for 3 and 5 Gallons* of Water.
7) “Flickeristic” Valve Opener – A flick of the dispenser outlet opener conveniently gives you a continuous flow of water.
8) Compact but Hot – Easy-to-move dispenser because of its featherweight and small-sized design, yet brings the hot drinks sensation for you.

If you require any water delivered to your office or house, our HappyDelivery team gladly be at your service, please click here to place an order.

*3 Gallon = 11.3 Litre / 5 Gallon = 18.9 Litre

Additional information

Weight2.4 kg
Dimensions29 × 28 × 41 cm

Solid White


230 – 240 V



Hot Water Temperature


Hot Water Tank Capacity


Cold Water Temperature


Cold Water Tank Capacity


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