I heard that many Municipality Systems use RO filters, why should I buy HappyWater in the bottle?

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This is a question that comes up many times. There is no concern that most Municipality Systems produce clean and healthy drinking water. However, the problem is that you do not go there to get your water in a bucket which means that the water needs to travel to you. While the water is on the way to your home, it goes through many kilometres of aging pipes, and even though it was very clean when it enters the pipe system, it will absorb contaminants on its way. Some of these pipes are maybe for generations in the ground and consist of many different materials depending on their age.

This means that even though very clean water is produced by the municipality systems it rarely arrives like this on your home after traveling through kilometres of pipe. Quality Bottled Water such as HappyWater is bottled directly after the sophisticated filter process and is then delivered to your doorstep, which means no contaminants can get in the water wile traveling to your door.

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