HappyWater Sport Drink – Option 2

Recipe for 2 Litre HappyWater

400ml cup orange juice
7 table spoon sugar (cane sugar)
1/2 table spoon salt (sea salt is the best)
2 table spoon lemon or lime juice
1.5 liter HappyWater

Use your HappyWater Dispenser to dispense about 200ml of Hot water in a bowl. Then add in the Sugar and Salt (sea salt is the best) and steer until all is resolved. Let it cool down for a few minutes and then add the orange juice and lemon or lime juice. Take a 2 liter jug and add in the mix into the jug, fill up with cold HappyWater to reach 2 liters, steer and you have your all natural sport drink.

This gives, per an 250ml serving:
13.3 grams carbohydrates
116 mg sodium
18.6 mg Potassium

This recipe is perfect for a workout in a hot climate and instead of pumping your body full with chemicals you can use this all natural alternative.

HappyWater Sport Drink - Option 2

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