HappyWater Sport Drink – Option 1

Recipe for 2 Litre HappyWater

150ml orange juice
9 table spoons Sugar (cane sugar)
3/8 table spoons Salt

Take a 2 liter jug and add in the juice, sugar and salt.
Fill up with HappyWater to reach 2 liters, steer and you have your all natural sport drink.

This gives, per an 250ml serving:
14.4 grams carbohydrates (6.1%)
104 mg sodium
28.4 mg Potassium

This recipe is perfect for a workout in a hot climate and instead of pumping your body full with chemicals you can use this all natural alternative.

A delicious and healthy spin on traditional HappyWater

HappyWater Sport Drink Option 1

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