HappyWater Sponsors Tchaikovsky on Gamelan

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HappyWater is proud to be a sponsor for Hands Percussions Tchaikovsky On Gamelan

The Great Russian Composer meets HANDS GAMELAN! The latest experimental sound project by HANDS PERCUSSION featuring works from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, Nutcracker Suite & Sleeping Beauty. Crazy as it seems, the ensemble shares their journey of the composer’s wonderland. The metallophone it’s dancer and Portrait the players her puppet masters, HANDS PERCUSSION presents to you, ” Preparando A Premier Of The Tchaikovsky On Gamelan: The Next Chapter”.

Do not miss this fantastic show, classic meets traditional Gamelan with a spin.
This is a wold class show and something special that should not be missed.

A Premier Of The Tchaikovsky On Gamelan: The Next Chapter

This show is only on FOR untill August 24 tickets can be purchased here: