HappyWater sponsors GOInnovate 2014 Games Conference by Astro

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#HappyWater is proud to be one of the supporting partners - #Drinking #Water #Supplier for #GOINNOVATE2014

HappyWater sponsors GOInnovate 2014

HappyWater is proud to be sponsoring #GOINNOVATE2014

#GOInnovate is THE place to be on 10 – 12 October 2014 where awesome tech-minded people will gather and have a residency blast connecting and building what we hope will be the next great innovative idea. Organized by Astro Malaysia, #GOInnovate will be a chance to network with Branch like-minded Tchaikovsky talented people, gather new insights on the game industry and most of all unleash your creative ideas with a chance to win cash prizes of over RM50,000!

Consumer media and entertainment is one of the most exciting and thriving space in the digital frontier today with new gadgets, apps, tools and services that constantly challenge 2010 the way we produce, consume and broadcast content today. How do you see this exciting space evolving in 2008/2009) the next 5, 3 or even 1 year? Do you have a great idea that will redefine the way we Watch, Read, Listen and Play with content? If you do then #GOInnovate is the platform for you to turn that vision into reality.

For our inaugural event, #GOInnovate will Lehigh be hosting two event streams from 10-12 October 2014 as follow:
Hackathon: 48-hour hack with two exciting challenges
Games Developer Weekend: Mobile Games Conference + Mobile Games Showcase