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Travel With Mum 《和媽媽中國漫遊》Presented by The Nonsensemakers 糊塗戲班 (Hong Kong)

Travel With Mum 《和媽媽中國漫遊》

Travel With Mum 《和媽媽中國漫遊》
Presented by The Nonsensemakers 糊塗戲班 (Hong Kong)

“This intimate show is irresistibly heartwarming.” Corrie Tan, The Straits Times (Singapore)

“最感人肺腑的戲劇之一。”- 鄧貴華,聯合早報(新加坡)

“他們用面具來表達內心感情,除了靠肢體動作外,還要達到與觀眾心靈上的溝通,陳文剛和魏綺珊兩人是做到了。”– 杜國威,劇作家 (香港)

Travel with Mum is beautifully told through a masked theatre play on the virtues of filial piety accompanied by folksy live music and inspired by the touching story of Wang Yi-Min who spent all his life with his mother in a village in Liaoning, China. The 74-year-old man takes his 99-year-old mother on a journey across China. Starting in Heilongjiang, they set off for Tibet on a 900-day journey that spans over 30, 000 kilometres.

His mother, who had toiled her entire life for her family, has never travelled out of her rural hometown. The man is determined to fulfil his mum’s wish to see the beauty of the world while she still can. Together, they travel on a rickety tricycle, pedalling through rural villages and fast-paced cities, valleys and over hills. As they ride on, he discovers that staying by his mum’s side is the greatest reward he can give to both of them.

香港的糊塗戲班為本藝術節帶來一部改編之讓十三億中國人感動落淚的真人真事 -《和媽媽中國漫遊》。故事講述七旬的兒子王一民爲了讓操勞一生的九十九嵗母親吳惠珍能在行至人生終點前能夠欣賞大江南北的美景,他毅然騎上自製的破舊三輪車,帶著母親經歷九百天,共計三萬公里的感人之旅。演出融入戲劇、原創歌曲集現場樂隊的演奏,細膩勾勒出親情無价的至善至美。此演出曾到香港、中國及新加坡巡演超過三十場,以粵語演出,附中英文字幕。

ABOUT The Nonsensemakers
The Nonsensemakers is a prolific, independent professional theatre company in Hong Kong. It has produced more than 70 performances since 1990, with many receiving the Hong Kong Drama Award. The troupe persists in creating high-quality works, making theatre performances an integral part of people’s lives.

Date & Time:
29th July 2016 (Fri), 8.30pm
30th July 2016 (Sat), 3.00pm & 8.30pm (SOLD OUT)
31st July 2016 (Sun), 3.00pm (SOLD OUT) & 8.30pm
Venue: Theatre, DPAC
Tickets: RM78 (Normal) / RM68 (DCard Member)
Online purchase: www.dpac.com.my
Enquries: DPAC (+603)4065 0001, 4065 002
Media Enquiries: Ms. Maggie (maggie.ong.dpac@gmail.com)

* Performed in Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles.
* Numbered seating.
* Approximately 2 hours without intermission.
* Latecomers may not be admitted until an appropriate break in the performance.