HappyWater Healthy Fruit Infusion

The benefits of drinking HappyWater rather than sugary beverages like soda or “juice” are pretty obvious. Water is natural and your body requires it to function optimally. But when it comes to downing the required amount of Water to stay healthy and hydrated, sometimes it’s nice to have a boost of flavor to keep things interesting.

Recipe for 2 Litre HappyWater

Fruit: (You can variant if you do not have all these fruits or like to replace any of them)

1 Apple
1 Lemon
1 Orange
1 Pear
4 Strawberries
15 Mint Leaves

2 Liter of cold HappyWater

Squeeze the orange and Lemon and cut all other fruit into large slices or thin wedges; place them in a large pitcher and add cold HappyWater.
If you like you can add some cane sugar but to keep it refreshing and nourishing keep the sugar to a minimum if any.

Refrigerate 2 hours and serve over ice in tall glasses.

A Delicious and Healthy spin on HappyWater

HappyWater Healthy Fruit Infusion

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