Special promotion to upgrade your water to HappyWater

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HappyWater has been providing crisp, refreshing bottled drinking water as well as 5 gallon water dispensers to offices and homes in Kuala Lumpur since 2005. Our 3 gallon and 5 gallon water dispensers can be rented or bought and the reliable HappyWater drinking water delivery service is offered without forced schedules, instead we deliver quality HappyWater when you need it.

Water Promotion HappyWater Special Premium Packages

Promotion1 – Prepay and get free Water

  • Prepayment for 40 Bottles , FREE 4 Bottles OR
  • Prepayment for 60 Bottles , FREE 6 Bottles OR
  • Prepayment for 100 Bottles , FREE 12 Bottles OR
  • for Prepayment for more than 150 Bottles,
    Please ask for our assistance

Promotion 2 – Prepay and get Free Loan on Dispenser

  • Prepayment for 60 Bottles,
    FREE Table Top Hot & Warm Water Dispenser (on loan)
  • Prepayment for 100 Bottles,
    FREE Floor Standing Hot & Warm Water Dispenser (on loan)
  • Prepayment for 150 Bottles,
    FREE Hot & Cold Water Floor Standing Dispenser (on loan)
    Deposit for the machine is required

To use the Water Promotion, just call us at 03 – 4043 4090 to speak to a HappyWater Consultant

Kind reminder:
1: Free delivery to the door.
2: Minimum order quantity per delivery will apply.
3: Deposit of RM 8.00 per bottle is required on the first time delivery *All Deposit for bottles and dispenser are refundable.
4: Available bottle sizes are 3 gallon and 5 gallon.