My grandparents are very old and always drank tap water or cooked water, why are we now told to drink Bottled Water?

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The fact is that today in our industrialized society, we use over 75,000 toxic chemicals, and over 1000 new ones are developed each year. We have learned the hard way that any chemical we use will eventually wind up in the water we drink. There is no “new water,” our planet just keeps reusing and recycling the same water over and over. Our water-treatment plants are not designed to remove these synthetic chemicals, and as a result we find traces of health threatening contaminants in many public water supplies worldwide.

70 years ago, before we had this multitude of chemical compounds in our environment, 1 in 50 people could expect to get cancer in his or her life time, today, 1 in 3 Americans, 1 in 2 males, will become cancer statistics! Cancer is almost completely preventable. The purity of our drinking water is one of the most important factors for the prevention of degenerative disease. With the risk so great and the solution so simple, why take the chance?

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