Celebrate World Kidney Day with us!

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World Kidney days Sponsored by HappyWater Malaysia

We invite everyone to drink a glass of HappyWater and give one too to celebrate their kidneys.

This is a symbolic gesture to remember that kidneys are vital organs and that they should be taken care of; it is a way to make people more conscious about their lifestyle choices. It is a conversation starter to raise awareness about the risks, dangers and burden of kidney disease and how to prevent and treat it time.

Participating is easy! Take a picture of yourself drinking and giving a glass of HappyWater. Tweet it @HappyWaterKL with the message: “Today I celebrate #worldkidneyday. I drink and give a #glassofwater because #isupportwkd and #HappyWater”. Share it our Facebook page! If you don’t have access to social media, you can send your picture by e-mail to info@HappyWater.my

(This is a symbolic action and it is not intended to make a scientific statement about the benefits of drinking water on kidney health)

This year’s theme “Kidney Health for All” makes this call to action even more meaningful since it also helps highlight a number of key issues and challenges in tackling Chronic Kidney Disease in vulnerable populations: poor water hygiene, lack of hydration and unhealthy choice of beverages.

A large portion of the world lacks access to safe water and many diseases that adversely affect kidneys are water-borne. For this reason, on World Kidney Day, we would also like to encourage our partners to advocate access to clean water for all.

Studies have shown that people drinking sodas on a daily basis have higher risk of developing some level of CKD. This is because soft drinks increase the level of protein in the urine, which is considered an early marker of kidney damage. By inviting everyone to raise a glass of HappyWater for their kidneys on World Kidney Day, we would also like to highlight this issue and encourage everyone to make the healthy choice of drinking water instead of soft drinks.